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Beenish Siddiqui is the founder of Beenu Bakes. She discovered her love for cake decorating in 2014 and there was no going back. She is a self-taught cake artist and loves playing with colours. With a Graphic Communication degree and 10+ years of experience in the Graphic Design industry she has always been a creative soul at heart. Cake decorating has now become her true passion and her primary form of creative release. She thrives by adding sweetness to someone else’s day!

You will find the perfect solutions here at Beenu Bakes to light up your event with gorgeous and delicious treats that hit just the right notes on your tastebuds! Beenish proudly creates all her products from scratch and uses only the freshest ingredients.


There is a strong team backing Beenish up in the form of her husband and family. She is a passionate mama of 2 and cherishes her family. She brings the same passion and love when creating her edible art. Reading, traveling, getting nature therapy, trying to catch up on TV and overthinking EVERYTHING in her life are her favourite things to do. But shhh you didn’t need to know about that last one. 

Beenish has vowed to be honest and respectful in her work and daily interactions. She also promises to provide you with show stopping products that your guests will make sure to stay back for!


See her most recent creations and say a little hello over on Instagram and Facebook!

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